How To Learn Mandarin In A Private Chinese Language School in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is the perfect hub to learn Chinese language, like the famous Mandarin dialect. The place is known to be busiest financial district in Asia and ranks third in the world, second to London and New York. As the principal business gateway, every business minded individual in Hong Kong are speaking the same language for a seamless transaction. Now, if you want to join the circle, the first thing you need to do is to learn Mandarin in Hong Kong, either in a class of many other students or through a private Chinese language school.view full blog post!

Learning Mandarin in a private learning school is worth its value. For one, the curriculum is always updated to be at par with the latest in the language school. It is, therefore, necessary to know to begin the search on some of the private Chinese language school in Hong Kong and see what school can best represent your learning objectives.

Be Keen on Your Search For A Private Language School

How to begin searching for a private school needs your attention. In Hong Kong, there are thousands of private language school offering similar programs and picking one can be intimidating. Pick the private language school that has produced more learned graduates. Most of these schools have websites and from there you can see how many students have they tutored to become proficient in the Chinese language. Also, some of the sites share their students’ feedback, and this is advantageous for you since these feedbacks are from the previous student’s account.

Course Objective Must Be Pro-Students

Similarly, the school program is very important to arrive at the private language school to learn Mandarin. Check if the program is pro-students, meaning every curriculum objective is for the student’s favor. Check if the school offers private tutorial services on top of their private lessons. The tutorial services reinforce the classroom learning, and some students may need this kind of service to maximize the time and the whole learning process.

Intensive training is also important to learn Mandarin in a private language school. The training allows the student to get a good grasp on both the language and the culture. Check what is included in the intensive program to at least see the learning output at the end of the program.(

Allows the students to live the experience


How to learn Mandarin in Hong Kong includes being with the people in the community. This unique approach is a solid learning technique that assures learning the language including culture appreciation. A private language school in Hong Kong immerse their students to the Mandarin speaking people for a number of days to learn or to improve the student’s knowledge of the language. It pays to participate in this activity because the activity bridges the learning gap.

Conversely, the immersion and excursion activities solidify the students learning as the language application is real. The different life’s events that the students experienced during the immersion and excursion make the learning process stress-free.

How To Select A Chinese Language Course In Hong Kong

students at Northstar

If you think learning a second language, like a Chinese language, easy, then you are not necessary right. Just like any other language there is a learning curve to ace. Choosing a school is critical in the entire learning process. How to select a Chinese language in Hong Kong is exciting as well as tedious for those who are just beginning to scout around.

Shortlist Possible Schools

In the selection process, everything has to start with shortlisting the possible school. The primary criterion is the program. Checking the curriculum or the program of the school is an important step to having an informed decision. Different schools have unique offering, but you need to pick one that is closely represents you own learning objectives. If you want to have a comprehensive program, wherein everything is squeeze-in in just six months or less, and then look for a school that offers the same.

To save time on this quest, you can turn to the internet to help you get to the right school. Most language school now have an online presence, so the research part is made fast and convenient. If you want to study Mandarin in Hong Kong for instance, you can search the net just the same and see what school stands-out, just see

Adherent to the latest teaching methods

Consider the teaching methods. In today’s busy world, learning a second language for an adult learner, no longer follows the traditional means of teaching. These days it is no longer the exclusive lecture-type of teaching where the professor talks and the students listen passively. Today, active class participation is practiced to hasten the learning process.

The program now includes excursion, cultural activities visit, group discussions, multi-media presentation, immersion and many other out-of-the-classroom activities. This is something you need to look at in selecting a language school. Pick the one that offers a unique yet proven teaching technique to love the Chinese language.

Makes learning fun and stress-free

Further, pick the school that allows you to learn the language in your pace no at least reduce the school related anxiety. Also, as an adult learner who doesn’t want to get additional burden, select a school that allows their students to do self-learning activities to compensate for their deficiency. Some schools also offer private tutoring, so this is also a good criterion in picking the language school.

In addition, when you pick a Chinese language school be sure to choose the one that makes the Chinese language fun to learn. Yes, the Chinese language is difficult to some extent, this is the reality, however, and there are schools that make the learning easy and manageable to students across all ages.

students at Northstar

Indeed, picking the best Chinese language school can be overwhelming because there are so many contenders in the field and picking the one might not be the school that you want. Take the time in the selection process because the choice of school plays a great impact on the whole learning process. To study Mandarin in Hong Kong for instance, includes a thorough market scanning to save both your time and resources.view more here!

Learning Mandarin In Hong Kong – 2 Reasons Why It’s More Popular Today


By and large the Mandarin dialect is one of the most popular languages in Asia and perhaps in the whole world. Today, there are billions of people who are talking Mandarin. The reason most individual wants to study the Mandarin language is due to its business interest. Hong Kong is the third largest financial district in Asia; London takes the second and then New York as the first.

To Forge A Lasting Business Relationship

The uphill trends of the business industry in Hong Kong entice business minded people to do business in Hong Kong as well. To be a part of the booming business in Hong Kong, the first part of the game plan is to speak the language. Hong Kong business folks prioritize clients who speak the language therefore to get into a circle; it is important to educate yourself with their culture and learn the Mandarin language.

To learn Mandarin in Hong Kong, you need to consider all your other activities as the program requires you to attend to some activities to enhance the learning process. Most of the activities are done in the community to let you live the experience of the residents on how they do business and observe how they do their everyday activities.

Learning Mandarin as a second language gives you a competitive edge. The Mandarin-speaking people are loyal to people who speak their tongue. The Mandarin language connects you to the right business partner who can give you a good business deal. Likewise, the dialect allows you to explore all other avenues where you can expand your business. The Hong Kong language hub can extend to many other parts of China given the right connection.

One-Stop-Shop Experience

Apart from the forging a solid business connection among the locals in Hong Kong, learning Mandarin in Hong Kong is practical. The place is the ideal place to cuddle the language at the same time to explore at the same time spends less, in terms of travel and accommodation. To learn Mandarin in Hong Kong means one-stop-shop business dealings. One, you are primarily here to learn the language and experience the Chinese culture. To fully appreciate the language you need to know the culture first, and this is offered all in one roof.check the website


Moving on the learning ladder, when you have acquired the basic language skills, you are given the chance to immerse yourself to the local residents and observe how they do things or do their business dealing with their clients. The opportunity allows you to plan ahead and improve whatever insufficiency you need to correct for your advantage.

Finally, learning Mandarin in Hong Kong is where the experts are found. The language school in Hong Kong hires only the experienced and certified professionals to assist learners to acquire the basic or advance Mandarin language course. There is no better place than in Hong Kong because this is where the Mandarin language is best-practiced.learn more here!

Want To Learn Mandarin Chinese in Hong Kong?


If you are planning to do business in Hong Kong, the first list in your plan is to know the Mandarin language. In Hong Kong almost all of the suppliers, manufacturers and business people speak their tongue and very seldom they would speak any other language to please their customers. Culture wise, the Chinese folks are very loyal to their lingo and so the need to learn Mandarin class in Hong Kong is imperative for ease in communication.

You might be asking why you should study Mandarin Chinese in Hong Kong. The answer to this is obviously the authority and the expertise because there is no other place in the world where the language is practiced in real life events. Hong Kong serves as the gateway of commerce in Asia. This place is a haven for every entrepreneur across Asia and perhaps to the whole world. The business is here in Hong Kong and to join the bandwagon; one must understand the language as well as the culture.continue reading!

What To Do

Learning Mandarin Chinese in Hong Kong gives you a competitive edge. Located at the southern region in Mainland China, Hong Kong is hailed as third international business district next to London and then New York. Business is every booming in Hong Kong and to experience their business dealings you should be one of them in language.

When you plan to learn Mandarin Chinese in Hong Kong, be ready with your plans. The first step is to look for a reputable school that offers a comprehensive package, like speaking, reading and writing Mandarin Chinese. There is a plethora of Mandarin schools in Hong Kong, and picking one can be a problem. To help you arrived at a private outstanding language school, is a great need to probe around can be of great help to get to a language school that develops your skills.

Consider Your Learning Goals

Depending on your learning goals, there are schools that offer online teaching, face-to-face or the combination of both language teaching. Of course, there are pros and cons for both of the means of learning, so it is best to weigh down each and consider your prioritize.

Embrace The Modern Day Teaching

To learn Mandarin in Hong Kong, you must be prepared for the dynamic teaching approaches offered by the school. There is the community immersion which you really have to attend; there are the cultural activities that you need to see, group discussion to have you participate and many other modern teaching pedagogies. Students are expected to gain something from the experience, and this is the difference when you study Mandarin in


Hong Kong.

The Mandarin Chinese in Hong Kong is offered by many learning centers following their programs and course objectives. The duration to complete the language course also varies, now depending on your learning objectives; you can check out most of the school’s program online and decide which school you want to enrol.view more (

Finally, learning Mandarin class in Hong Kong puts you in a real-life scenario. You can experience the day-to-day dealings with the locals, and this is a very good learning experience for you. When you immerse yourself to the core of the language, learning is made fun and fast.

Speaking Mandarin – Learning the language

Speaking Mandarin – Learning the language

One of the main dialects spoken in mainland China and across many countries in Asia is the Mandarin language. It is a language spoken by more than seventy percent of the population and around the world, over a billion people to communicate in this language. Other countries where a significant portion of the population speak Mandarin include Taiwan, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia and South Africa. In fact, Mandarin has become one of the most important and influential languages used for commercial and businesses in these countries.

This is a reason to convince anyone to learn Mandarin phrases especially as we notice increased business dealings with the Chinese. Other reasons to consider learning Mandarin are:

  • Trade and Business

China’s economy is growing steadily at an extremely fast rate. There are many companies and jobs being offered in China especially to Americans and Europeans. Similarly, many nations around the world have established trade and good working relations with China. For example the United States has, for some time, been importing Chinese goods and are much more affordable. view more here!

If you want to have the edge in dealing with their Chinese counterparts on business or working for an international company with offices in Asia, knowing and understanding Mandarin is one of the best actions. Mandarin is the language of business, therefore, ability to communicate in Mandarin not only allows you to communicate your ideas properly, but also helps you gain the trust of colleagues who speak Mandarin.  Therefore speaking Mandarin gives you the advantage of doing business and can also create financial opportunities.

Speaking Mandarin – Learning the language

  • Strengthens the mind

It‘s been shown in many scientific studies that the knowledge of more than one language is useful for self-intelligence growth, because it stimulates the brain and to improve understanding and learning skills. It has often been found that people who are bilingual do better on standardized tests than people who speak one language. Some say that Mandarin is a difficult language and complex for its thousands of characters, voices, which give different meanings to the same words and the different rules of grammar. This complexity can only be one reason why the brain has been honed to optimum capacity. (

  • Future generation

If you do not want to do it by yourself, then do it with your children or grandchildren. With the population of people who speak Mandarin increasing and the growing power of the Chinese, knowledge of Mandarin is more important today than ever. You will also undoubtedly be preparing your children and grandchildren for a brighter future based on these facts. Also it is common knowledge that children are very quick to pick up new languages as their brains are still in development stage and grasps new information easier.

There are many more benefits to learn Mandarin. The reasons must be sufficient to overcome any reluctance to handle the language. You may find it difficult at first, but only in the initial stages. In the end, the results would definitely prove to be very rewarding.

Mandarin Express® – Foundation Building Program

Mandarin express program
Mandarin Express® is an effective, fast track Mandarin learning program. The curriculum focus on mastering targeted basic characters and vocabularies and be proficient over phonetic tones and pronunciations through interesting leaning material and unparalleled high tech study aid. The combined efforts of qualified teachers and introduction of interactive learning in a dynamic and enjoyable leaning ambient provide the most conducive conditions for fast track learning of critical 800 most frequently used ‘A’ category Chinese characters classified under HSK (the Chinese Proficiency Exam body) for beginners. It removes the commonly faced difficulties and obstacles in traditional method of learning Mandarin and enhances beginners’ confidence in the learning process. As beginners quickly acquire the
critical basic pool of 800 characters and from which further expand the knowledge on new vocabularies of words and phrases in multiple formations, they also study the related grammars and sentence structure patterns.Mastering of correct phonetic tones and standard pronunciation is a fun filled and joyous experience for all learners under Mandarin Express® curriculum. A very unique and highly effective digital audio pen is accessible to all learners if they choose to be equipped with a 365/24/7 learning companion, which they would love it and live with it as one of the indispensable tool to see them through their Mandarin learning experience in brilliant colors. The student would spend only 60 classroom lesson-hours under this Basic Level (foundation building) curriculum, and able to be conversant with effective phrases, which constitute approximately 41% of HSK proficiency exam syllabus requisite for the various levels.learn more at
The beginners acquire the initial reading capacity after practicing and familiarize with these new characters and vocabularies in Basic Level. The emphasis on images enriched, fun and interesting content in the reading material speed up remarkably their leaning process, at the same time strengthen the memory retention. The proficiency level attainable with Basic Program curriculum is lineage to HSK band 0 to 3 proficiency.

The Mandarin Express® program resembles the ‘brick and mortar’ in building construction and provides a solid foundation for all learners enrolled in our curriculum regardless of mother-tongue speakers or foreign students and has no age limit. It is a literacy and culture approach, where the student acquires proficiency in Chinese language, learning as well the Chinese culture and its value in the same process over the three levels, namely – Basic Level; Elementary – Intermediate Level, which is also directly linked to the HSK evaluation system.


In brief, the following is an outline of targeted milestones under our 480 lesson-hours Mandarin Express® program:

Basic Level: 60 lesson-hours; HSK band 0 to 3 equivalent

Beginners learn 800 most frequently used characters
Expanded knowledge on vocabularies of words & phrases
Discerned phonetic patterns and standard pronunciation practice
Learn vocabularies with supplementary readings
Practice simple communication
Learn grammar and sentence structure in new vocabulary lineage
Achieve HSK band 0-3 proficiency in 60 lesson-hours.

Mandarin express program

Elementary Level: 90 lesson-hours; HSK band 3-6 equivalent

Acquire 1,700 2nd tier of most frequently used characters
Expanded knowledge on vocabularies of words & phrases generated from combined 2,500      characters with supplementary readings
Discerned phonetic patterns and standard pronunciation practice
Widen application in communication and daily environment
Learn grammar and sentence structure in vocabulary lineage
Achieve HSK band 3-6 proficiency in 90 lesson-hours. click here to get updates!

Intermediate Level: 330 lesson-hours; HSK band 6-8 equivalent

Practice over 2,500 character acquired in above phases
Cover HSK exam syllabus perimeter in words, phrases and vocabularies
Speech and listening skill development and practice
Embraces Chinese culture, value, idiom and poem in supplementary readings
Chinese grammar, language fundamentals, sentence patterns and structures
Achieve HSK band 6-8 proficiency in 330 lesson-hours

Chinese Language Schools

Chinese language

Chinesetown Language Institute

The Chinese language school Chinesetown is located in Hangzhou, a medium-sized city with a perfect combination of culture, history, nature and modern urban life. The city has been rated by the National Public Security Bureau of China as the most secure city of the country. The school is housed in a modern building with light classrooms with free access to computers and the internet for students. The teachers are highly qualified, dedicated and multilingual.

Beijing Mandarin Academy (BMA)

The language school is engaged in intensified language training for foreigners who want to learn the Chinese language. The school is located in the Haidian district where most of the top universities of the country are located. The teaching staff is composed of experts and teachers who have years of experience and passion for teaching and each is officially certified and has received training in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. The school has state of the art facilities to help students learn the Chinese language quickly and efficiently.

Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU)

It is the only university in China with the main task of teaching the Chinese language and culture to foreign students. It has become the most popular institution for foreign students who wish to study in China. It attracts more than 9,000 students every year from more than 110 countries and it attracts almost the same number of local students! BLCU has gained prestige for being a world leader in teaching the Chinese language as a foreign language by providing materials such as teaching methods and text books that are being used all over the world.

Chinese Language Education

The language school is located in Beijing and it provides quality language and culture immersions programs to all who want to study the Chinese language in China. The programs in the school are designed to provide an effective and enjoyable curriculum. Highly interactive and comprehensive programs ensure the students that they will be able to listen, speak, write and read Chinese. The school frequently strives to develop and hire the best teachers available to teach the Chinese language. Teachers are university graduates and have ample experience in teaching Chinese and they meet weekly in order to be able to use the most effective and modern methods and materials. Teachers are also evaluated by students to help them improve their teaching styles.continue reading here!

Chinese language

Mandarin House

Mandarin House has campuses in Beijing and Shanghai. The schools focus only on Chinese language training and they offer high quality language courses, fun activities and ideal accommodations. The schools are committed to raise the standards of Chinese language education for local and foreign students by the provision of practical and effective language instruction with an understanding of both traditional and modern aspects of Chinese culture.see site: