Top 10 Mandarin Programs in China

More and more people are learning Mandarin. It has more speakers than any other language and is the most spoken language across northern and south-western China. So it makes sense to pick up this language when traveling to China. Even better than trying to learn in your home country, why not check out the top ten programs in China and discover the beauty of a new country.

  1. Aston Language Center

Located in Wuhu City, Anhui Province. This is a medium sized city with a genuine Chinese and cultural experience. The small community will allow more opportunity to speak Mandarin with locals in everyday encounters. The living costs are quite affordable and can be acquired through the Language Center. The program is 5 months long with 15 hours of Mandarin per week.

  1. The Chinese Language Institute

Guilin city, Guangxi Province. Guilin is in the south of China and in a location that boasts the best for true student immersion. While studying students can choose one of two options for accommodations, the first being the recommended choice which is to stay in integrated housing. The foreign student will be paired with 1 or 2 graduate students so there is a constant surrounding of Mandarin speakers even outside of the classroom. The other option is a private room with 1 foreign roommate. The Chinese Language Institute claims this option inhibits the fully immersive experience so they recommend the first option.

The programs include pre-semester seminars aimed at preparing new students. There are also 3 travel excursions and four and a half hours of 1 on 1 instruction per day.

  1. Beijing Hutong School

Located in the traditional Chinese courtyard in the Shuangsi Hutong in central Beijing. The capital of China offers many amenities such as the Gulou metro shop that is close to the school. While at the Hutong School students will study 10-20 group hours per week.

  1. International Person Learning Center

Wudaokou, Haidian district, North West of Beijing. Located in an area filled with historical significance and beauty. This intensive program lasts 1-6 months and includes 1 on 1 tutoring or group classes and 10 hours a week of private classes adapted to the students level.

  1. Mandarin House

Located in Beijing and Shanghai. There are 3 levels of living while at the Mandarin immersion program.

  • Homestay (single room)
  • Shared Apartment (single room)
  • Private Studio Apartment

The program offers to accommodate anyone who is starting from scratch or wish to freshen up their Mandarin fluency or even ascend to reach Mandarin Mastery. The program includes 4 levels for students to take.

  • Intensive 30: Six group lessons per day.
  • Standard 30: Four group lessons per day
  • Combined 30+5: six group lessons per day and one private lesson per day
  • Combined 20+5: four group lessons per day and one private lesson per day.
  1. iMandarin

With 10 campuses located across China, iMandarin is a great place to study if you don’t know where you want to study. There are 3 levels of accommodation, the single room, a private studio apartment or the homestay (single room). The courses are 30 lessons per week.

  1. Keats School

This school is near one of Kunming’s central business districts. Kunming is the capital of China’s Yunnan Province, an endlessly fascinating place to be with its mix of mountainous inlands and tropical forests. Accommodations offer a single dorm room. The program is 1-24 weeks depending on how long you wish to study.

  1. Konall Culture Exchange

Located in Shijiazhuang this is the ideal location to study Chinese. Standard Chinese is spoken and there are few foreigners around so you have to speak Chinese all the time. With this way of life during your studies serious learners will make rapid progress. There is a homestay option for living where you can immerse yourself in the Chinese language and culture. The other option is a private apartment that comes fully furnished.

The Konall Culture Exchange offers and exclusive 1 on 1 teaching policy which is the only Mandarin school to do this. Students take 4 hours of class per day.

  1. Mandarin Capital

Hangzhou is a famous destination for students and tourists. It is one of the best places to be in China and considered a “paradise on earth”. Accommodations include single rooms in shared apartments, private apartments or home stay with a personal room. The program offers lessons that are 50 minutes long that range from beginner to advanced. There are two types of courses, the Intensive 20 which is 20 hours of classes per week or the Combined 20+5 which has 20 hours of class per week with an addition five personal 1 on 1 lessons.

  1. Omeida Chinese Academy

Located in one of the most inexpensive towns in China, Yangshuo costs less than other places to live and still offers access to western goods and services. The accommodations at Omeida include a spacious room with a subsidised rate for students. The programs at Omeida include an intensive Mandarin course or a standard course. The intensive course is 1-12 weeks with an option to extend. There are six 45 minute sessions, five days a week. The standard course is like the intensive course but has three 45 minute lessons per day.

Wherever you choose to study will depend on cost, location, and how intensive you want your studies to be. There are many places to see in China and no matter where you are there will be a beautiful culture to see and learn about.