Study Mandarin Or Cantonese

mandarin-or-cantoneseStudy Mandarin in Hon Kong is very different than learning Cantonese even at the same school in Hong Kong. Even though both languages are known to be tied into the Chinese language both are very different. The main differences between the two are how they are written. In Mandarin the spoken words is how it is written. In Cantonese the words that are said, may be totally different that what is written. When people plan on traveling abroad, some will try to learn these languages. Many will fail because they are not easy languages to learn. The ones that manage to learn one or another takes a lot of effort and practice of the language.

Which Is Harder?

Cantonese appears to be the harder of the two languages to learn. There are considered to be between 6 and 9 tones in this language and not as many learning materials available. Mandarin is said to only have 4 tones in its language. There is a quantity of materials available to help to learn Mandarin such as on mp3 materials, podcasts and even radio programs to help practice this language. Cantonese is mainly spoken in Guangdong and Guangxi provinces and in the overseas Chinese communities in Europe, Australia and North America. As where, the Mandarin language is the official language in Mainland China and Taiwan.

Why Choose Mandarin?

  • Mandarin seems to be the most universal language
  • It is the official language of the mainland China
  • Many schools are switching to Mandarin education
  • If you speak Mandarin you can understand in Hong Kong, Macau and Canton

Where To Learn?

Many have decided to learn Mandarin in Hong Kong. Many of the schools in Hong Kong that use to teach Cantonese are now switching to Mandarin. Mandarin now seems to be the most universal language to learn. Not only is it easier for beginners to learn, but it seems to be the language that can be the most understood in many areas. It is used by most Chinese colleges and universities. It is also the most popular used in TV programs, movies and radio stations all over the country. More people can understand and communicate with you if you have taken the time to learn Mandarin.

Because it is the most universal and wide spread of the two languages Mandarin would be the language to learn when you are considering traveling abroad. No matter which language that you decide to learn, you will be able to communicate with others that have decided to learn the other.

They are close enough alike when written out that speakers of both languages can communicate with each other. If you are interested in learning typical Chinese medicine, Mandarin would be the language that you need because it contains the names of the plants, herbs and acupoints that you would need to know to use and understand the medicine. So be sure to check into and learn as much information as possible about the ability to study Mandarin in Hong Kong.