Speaking Mandarin – Learning the language

Speaking Mandarin – Learning the language

One of the main dialects spoken in mainland China and across many countries in Asia is the Mandarin language. It is a language spoken by more than seventy percent of the population and around the world, over a billion people to communicate in this language. Other countries where a significant portion of the population speak Mandarin include Taiwan, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia and South Africa. In fact, Mandarin has become one of the most important and influential languages used for commercial and businesses in these countries.

This is a reason to convince anyone to learn Mandarin phrases especially as we notice increased business dealings with the Chinese. Other reasons to consider learning Mandarin are:

  • Trade and Business

China’s economy is growing steadily at an extremely fast rate. There are many companies and jobs being offered in China especially to Americans and Europeans. Similarly, many nations around the world have established trade and good working relations with China. For example the United States has, for some time, been importing Chinese goods and are much more affordable. view more here!

If you want to have the edge in dealing with their Chinese counterparts on business or working for an international company with offices in Asia, knowing and understanding Mandarin is one of the best actions. Mandarin is the language of business, therefore, ability to communicate in Mandarin not only allows you to communicate your ideas properly, but also helps you gain the trust of colleagues who speak Mandarin.  Therefore speaking Mandarin gives you the advantage of doing business and can also create financial opportunities.

Speaking Mandarin – Learning the language

  • Strengthens the mind

It‘s been shown in many scientific studies that the knowledge of more than one language is useful for self-intelligence growth, because it stimulates the brain and to improve understanding and learning skills. It has often been found that people who are bilingual do better on standardized tests than people who speak one language. Some say that Mandarin is a difficult language and complex for its thousands of characters, voices, which give different meanings to the same words and the different rules of grammar. This complexity can only be one reason why the brain has been honed to optimum capacity. (http://thecable.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2014/10/09/pritzker_practices_commercial_diplomacy_in_ukraine_turkey)

  • Future generation

If you do not want to do it by yourself, then do it with your children or grandchildren. With the population of people who speak Mandarin increasing and the growing power of the Chinese, knowledge of Mandarin is more important today than ever. You will also undoubtedly be preparing your children and grandchildren for a brighter future based on these facts. Also it is common knowledge that children are very quick to pick up new languages as their brains are still in development stage and grasps new information easier.

There are many more benefits to learn Mandarin. The reasons must be sufficient to overcome any reluctance to handle the language. You may find it difficult at first, but only in the initial stages. In the end, the results would definitely prove to be very rewarding.

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