Mandarin Express® – Foundation Building Program

Mandarin express program
Mandarin Express® is an effective, fast track Mandarin learning program. The curriculum focus on mastering targeted basic characters and vocabularies and be proficient over phonetic tones and pronunciations through interesting leaning material and unparalleled high tech study aid. The combined efforts of qualified teachers and introduction of interactive learning in a dynamic and enjoyable leaning ambient provide the most conducive conditions for fast track learning of critical 800 most frequently used ‘A’ category Chinese characters classified under HSK (the Chinese Proficiency Exam body) for beginners. It removes the commonly faced difficulties and obstacles in traditional method of learning Mandarin and enhances beginners’ confidence in the learning process. As beginners quickly acquire the
critical basic pool of 800 characters and from which further expand the knowledge on new vocabularies of words and phrases in multiple formations, they also study the related grammars and sentence structure patterns.Mastering of correct phonetic tones and standard pronunciation is a fun filled and joyous experience for all learners under Mandarin Express® curriculum. A very unique and highly effective digital audio pen is accessible to all learners if they choose to be equipped with a 365/24/7 learning companion, which they would love it and live with it as one of the indispensable tool to see them through their Mandarin learning experience in brilliant colors. The student would spend only 60 classroom lesson-hours under this Basic Level (foundation building) curriculum, and able to be conversant with effective phrases, which constitute approximately 41% of HSK proficiency exam syllabus requisite for the various levels.learn more at
The beginners acquire the initial reading capacity after practicing and familiarize with these new characters and vocabularies in Basic Level. The emphasis on images enriched, fun and interesting content in the reading material speed up remarkably their leaning process, at the same time strengthen the memory retention. The proficiency level attainable with Basic Program curriculum is lineage to HSK band 0 to 3 proficiency.

The Mandarin Express® program resembles the ‘brick and mortar’ in building construction and provides a solid foundation for all learners enrolled in our curriculum regardless of mother-tongue speakers or foreign students and has no age limit. It is a literacy and culture approach, where the student acquires proficiency in Chinese language, learning as well the Chinese culture and its value in the same process over the three levels, namely – Basic Level; Elementary – Intermediate Level, which is also directly linked to the HSK evaluation system.


In brief, the following is an outline of targeted milestones under our 480 lesson-hours Mandarin Express® program:

Basic Level: 60 lesson-hours; HSK band 0 to 3 equivalent

Beginners learn 800 most frequently used characters
Expanded knowledge on vocabularies of words & phrases
Discerned phonetic patterns and standard pronunciation practice
Learn vocabularies with supplementary readings
Practice simple communication
Learn grammar and sentence structure in new vocabulary lineage
Achieve HSK band 0-3 proficiency in 60 lesson-hours.

Mandarin express program

Elementary Level: 90 lesson-hours; HSK band 3-6 equivalent

Acquire 1,700 2nd tier of most frequently used characters
Expanded knowledge on vocabularies of words & phrases generated from combined 2,500      characters with supplementary readings
Discerned phonetic patterns and standard pronunciation practice
Widen application in communication and daily environment
Learn grammar and sentence structure in vocabulary lineage
Achieve HSK band 3-6 proficiency in 90 lesson-hours. click here to get updates!

Intermediate Level: 330 lesson-hours; HSK band 6-8 equivalent

Practice over 2,500 character acquired in above phases
Cover HSK exam syllabus perimeter in words, phrases and vocabularies
Speech and listening skill development and practice
Embraces Chinese culture, value, idiom and poem in supplementary readings
Chinese grammar, language fundamentals, sentence patterns and structures
Achieve HSK band 6-8 proficiency in 330 lesson-hours

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