Chinese Language Schools

Chinese language

Chinesetown Language Institute

The Chinese language school Chinesetown is located in Hangzhou, a medium-sized city with a perfect combination of culture, history, nature and modern urban life. The city has been rated by the National Public Security Bureau of China as the most secure city of the country. The school is housed in a modern building with light classrooms with free access to computers and the internet for students. The teachers are highly qualified, dedicated and multilingual.

Beijing Mandarin Academy (BMA)

The language school is engaged in intensified language training for foreigners who want to learn the Chinese language. The school is located in the Haidian district where most of the top universities of the country are located. The teaching staff is composed of experts and teachers who have years of experience and passion for teaching and each is officially certified and has received training in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. The school has state of the art facilities to help students learn the Chinese language quickly and efficiently.

Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU)

It is the only university in China with the main task of teaching the Chinese language and culture to foreign students. It has become the most popular institution for foreign students who wish to study in China. It attracts more than 9,000 students every year from more than 110 countries and it attracts almost the same number of local students! BLCU has gained prestige for being a world leader in teaching the Chinese language as a foreign language by providing materials such as teaching methods and text books that are being used all over the world.

Chinese Language Education

The language school is located in Beijing and it provides quality language and culture immersions programs to all who want to study the Chinese language in China. The programs in the school are designed to provide an effective and enjoyable curriculum. Highly interactive and comprehensive programs ensure the students that they will be able to listen, speak, write and read Chinese. The school frequently strives to develop and hire the best teachers available to teach the Chinese language. Teachers are university graduates and have ample experience in teaching Chinese and they meet weekly in order to be able to use the most effective and modern methods and materials. Teachers are also evaluated by students to help them improve their teaching styles.continue reading here!

Chinese language

Mandarin House

Mandarin House has campuses in Beijing and Shanghai. The schools focus only on Chinese language training and they offer high quality language courses, fun activities and ideal accommodations. The schools are committed to raise the standards of Chinese language education for local and foreign students by the provision of practical and effective language instruction with an understanding of both traditional and modern aspects of Chinese culture.see site:

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